Bright Young Things at Selfridges: Alan Taylor: AW13 Fashion Film

ICA Exhibitions

18 Oct 2013

Selfridges Bright Young Thing Alan Taylor is a London-based, Irish-born menswear designer, who creates collections that explore the idea of juxtaposition in both concept and silhouette. He strives to achieve a balance between abstract conceptual design and commercial accessibility, creating surreal, forward thinking outfits along with wearable separate garments.

Alan Taylors AW13 Film is an interpretation of the design process and mindset of a contemporary designer. Set in the daily journey of the designer from his house to studio we can see a model wearing outfits from his collection popping up in several places but the designer doesn’t look directly at him as if it is in his psyche constantly thinking about his work no matter where he is.

Taylor took this idea of totally immersing yourself in your work to create his story; he wanted this season to have more of a narrative along with the garments still being the focus of the film. This was achieved through never showing the designers face, just the back of his head. This is one of Taylor’s key philosophies that the focus should never be on the designer, it should always be on the garments and the collection and the designer’s vision as a whole.

Overall this rawness and honesty is mirrored through Taylor’s collection with the subtle adaptation of classic styles, developing an art rather than completely abandoning it.

Find out more about Taylor’s work at the Bright Young Things discussion at The Old Selfridges Hotel on Saturday 19 October, 2pm.

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