Implicasphere is an occasional mini-publication that seeks to unearth and revive compelling, illuminating and curious ideas in the form of image and text fragments. Taken from fields as diverse as folk craft, nuclear physics, metaphysical poetry, pulp novels, linguistics, criminology, film noir and astrology these fragments are unadulterated. Each issue takes the form of a single printed broadsheet and takes its theme from an everyday word that seems direct and concrete – 'mice', 'string', or 'the nose', for example. Not the scholarly paper it may appear at first to be, Implicasphere hypothesises and speculates; it is piratical, amateur and partial, dependent as it is on the vagaries of its editors' imaginations. Material is left in an unstable state, caught in the excitement of the first encounter with an unfamiliar idea, in the hope of provoking consternation, intrigue and reverie.