Pallas Contemporary Projects

Founded by two artists in Dublin in 1996, Pallas has continued to challenge and provoke ever since. Overcoming several evictions over the years, Pallas has created projects in its own rented spaces, off-site in the city, as well as in London, Belfast and Bangkok. In 2003 Pallas took over several council flats in the city and renamed them Pallas Heights, using the space to programme a unique range of exhibitions and artists' projects. In 2007 these flats were demolished by the city council. Subsequently a new baby, Pallas Contemporary Projects, was born in a long thin space that was previously a cattle-milking parlour. Currently in its second year of operations, Pallas is run by artists Brian Duggan, Mark Cullen and Gavin Murphy - and a host of other known and unknown reprobates and debit dodgers from the art pond life. The Pallas book is available in the ICA Bookshop and on the Pallas website.
111 Grangegorman Road Lower