Show Me

Led by artist Rebecca Greathead, Show Me brought together service users and support workers from Westminster Learning Disability Partnership to explore a series of themes.

Led by artist Rebecca Greathead, Show Me brought together service users and support workers from Westminster Learning Disability Partnership. Formed in April 2003, Westminster Learning Disability Partnership adopts innovative approaches to providing services for people with learning disabilities and their family carers. Meeting once a week at the ICA, the group were encouraged to explore a series of themes: line, cluster, tone and shape. Workshops began with a brief slide-show, followed by a practical session where participants were given a selection of materials with which they could respond to themes raised within the slide show. Materials were simple and the invitation to use them, open and non-didactic. Any verbal instructions used in the workshops were as secondary reinforcement of the central ideas and themes. Importantly the project was developed in partnership with both the artist, participants and support workers, creating opportunities to learn from one another while enjoying the creative environment of the ICA.

The Participants

Service users from Westminster Learning Disability Partnership worked with artist Rebecca Greathead to explore the ICA and it's programme of contemporary art, music and film. For many in the group these sessions were a first visit to a gallery. Our hope was for the group to feel both comfortable and excited by this new environment. The project was designed to establish a relationship between the ICA and Westminster Learning Disability Partnership, encouraging independent visits and specially designed resources.

Fitzroy has recently moved to a new area and is happy with his new flat. He found the ICA project very interesting and felt good about the work he made.

Joey moved from New Jersey, USA to London in 2007. Joey likes drawing, he likes using vibrant colours in his work. Joey particularly likes circles and lines.

Asma likes painting and drawing but drawing is her favourite. Asma's work can be seen along the Regent's Canal.

Gemma lives in London but used to live in Wales. She enjoys canoeing as well as visiting the ICA. Gemma would love to work at the Natural History Museum.

Robin enjoys going to Café Nero off Edgware Road where he gets his Nero card stamped for a free coffee. Robin enjoys people and socialising.


Black & White Workshop

The activities conducted in the first session were intentionally prepared as a subtle and engaging way of introducing the participants to the new environment at the ICA. The casual nature of the free and easy activities enabled everyone to feel relaxed and reassured. The dynamics and diversity of the session made it an instant success and an unforgettable experience.

Sphere Workshop

The session concentrated on creating all sorts of round shapes and decorating balls. The main activity required group cooperation and compromising. The group work turned out to be both challenging and rewarding as each participant demonstrated his or her personal style.

Line Workshop

The session offered the participants a chance not only to produce linear works but also to exhibit them. Hanging the wire and rope installations as well as the ink prints within the room gave the participants a sense of self-esteem.

Cluster Workshop

The activity of making a common art work incorporated group work as well as individual creation, the exhibiting wall was big enough to give each participant a sense of his or her own artistic space.

Covering cardboard boxes with colourful flowers turned out to be particularly visually appealing works that will surely remain in the memories of the participants.