We welcome all visitors, and improvements to the accessibility of the Institute are being made all the time.

If you have trouble using our online booking system, please book tickets via telephone on 020 7930 3647, email or in person.

Access to the building / Access inside the building / Access for people with limited mobility / Access for visually impaired people / Access for people who are deaf or hard of hearing / Online Accessibility

Admission prices

Disabled visitors are entitled to the concessionary rate for all ICA events, tickets can be booked online or in person. Please bring proof of concession with you when you collect your tickets. Free tickets are available for companions where required and can be booked via the telephone on 0207 930 3647. 

Access to the building

The ICA's main entrance is The Mall which located near St James's park and is also a ceremonial route. For this reason parking is not permitted on The Mall. However, visitors can easily be dropped off and collected from the main entrance.

There are parking meters in Waterloo Place and Carlton House Terrace, at the back of the ICA. There are also car parks in Whitcombe Street and Spring Gardens, both off Trafalgar Square. Please note that a journey from any of these would mean using the Duke of York Steps (30 steps with a handrail), or reaching the ICA via Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square.

The ICA has one wheelchair available for use by visitors and requests can be made with Box Office or Sales staff.

There is level access to the entrance from The Mall. There is one set of automatic sliding doors. The box office and bookshop are both situated in the main foyer at ground level.

Access inside the building

Cinema 1, Cinema 2 and the Theatre are all accessible via platform, ramp, and lifts (max. weight on lifts 200kg). There is space for two wheelchairs in both cinemas and the Theatre can accommodate up to six wheelchair users.

The Lower Gallery has a platform lift located by the entrance to the gallery. The user can operate this independently or with the assistance of a member of staff.

The Theatre has a platform lift which can be operated independently or with the assistance of a member of staff.

There is no direct access to the Upper Gallery or the cafe/bar for wheelchair users.

There are ten steps to access the café/bar however; table service can be accommodated for those who cannot use the stairs by speaking to a member of ICA or Peyton and Byrne staff.

There is a lift available but requires visitors to transfer from their wheelchair and into the lift. This option is not suitable for those using a motorised wheelchair. The assistance of a member of staff is required to access the lift as it is not in a public area. The lift also allows access to the Nash and Brandon rooms on the first floor.

There is also a temporary ramp that can be erected at our private staff entrance at 12 Carlton House Terrace. Accessing this entrance can be achieved by exiting from the main entrance, travelling along The Mall to Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Waterloo Place and then Carlton House Terrace. Please ask on arrival if you would like to use this ramp.

Access for people with limited mobility

All walking areas within the building are kept clear at all times.

Seats at the ends of rows, in both cinemas allow for additional legroom. There are seven steps leading down to the Lower Gallery and 33 steps leading to the upper a gallery. There is also a small passenger lift to take visitors to the Upper Gallery and the Nash and Brandon rooms.

Access to the upper gallery and Nash and Brandon rooms can be arranged using the administrative entrance at 12 Carlton House Terrace. There are six steps from street level to the Upper Gallery level. Please contact us at

Access for visually impaired people

Guide dogs are welcome.

Access for people who are deaf or hard of hearing

The Cinemas are equipped with an induction loop system for visitors using hearing aids.

Online Accessibility

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