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Arctic Circle

6 Sep 2006

London's buzzing mix-genre club night proudly delivers its ensemble of computer terminals, shiny laptops, technicians and singers to the ICA this September.

Ex-Durutti Columnist John Metcalfe presents live strings with the blistering beats of legendary drummer Andy Gangadeen (The Bays) whilst Pedro takes the musical journey in a slightly wilder direction with pastoral hip-hop melodies. The Shortwave Set bring their own unique version of pop, lovingly assembled from broken instruments, charity shop records and electronic samplers.

During the night there's also the chance to witness the beautiful electronic/organic soundscape of Inchtime; followed by Mr Hopkinson's Computer, our popular club singer for the night, plus the well coded electronic tunes of Robin Saville (ISAN) and Ben Eshmade (Chillercabinet) all spinning their mice and decks in the bar area.

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