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Eames Demetrios: Kymaerica

21 Sep 2006

The ICA is proud to present Eames Demetrios, a Los Angeles based artist and geographer-at-large, whose work is currently centered around the creation of a 3-dimensional storytelling project called Kymaerica, a fictional world that roughly shares its time and place with North America.

At dozens of sites around North America he has placed or created manifestations of the alternate world in our world. These include bronze plaques honoring events from the alternative world and even entire historical sites The work can then be experienced in person, on line, in text, through his talks, or anecdotally. Each media adds it own content and character. It is about place without being wed to place and yet it is most richly experienced in place.

Join us for what one commentator described as a combination of an acid trip and a road trip.

Visit Kymaerica online.

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