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Still: Nobody Knows If It Ever Happened

Faust: Nobody Knows If It Ever Happened

1 Dec 2006

A concert film featuring the band Faust at the height of their powers playing an explosive concert at The Garage, London in December 1996. The film will be shown exactly ten years to the day of the actual extraordinary concert featured in the film.

Jean Herve Peron from Faust will be hosting a Q&A session with Andy Wilson, author of the newly released Faust book Faust: Stretch Out of Time 1970-1975.

The Q&A will be followed by a bar event with DJs from London's Kosmiche Club providing post-screening musical entertainment in the ICA bar . This includes the promise of brand new Faust music (the band will be releasing an album of new music in 2007).

Dir Emyr Glyn Williams, Wales 2006, 90 mins

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