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31 Jan 200923 Feb 2009

Over the last 30 years, technological changes have altered how we see, read and even think, often making us crave a more active involvement in the culture that we consume and giving rise to a new aesthetic. Going beyond web 2.0 hype, Feedback wonders how our experience of growing up with computer games, the internet and texting has changed us as human beings, and asks what opportunities and dangers it brings for our culture.

In Our New Home Cyburbia, James Harkin, lead programmer of the Feedback season discusses the roots of our feedback culture in cybernetic experiments of the 1940s and makes the case for the new messages our new media need.

The use of camera phones and recording equipment during talks and events in the Feedback series (except Mark Leckey's talk) is encouraged. Snap it, video it, blog it and then share it with us .

Please note that if you attend events in this season your image may be recorded by the ICA or other event attendees and appear online.


  • Image: Publicity photograph for Resident

    Mark Leckey in the Long Tail

    31 Jan 20091 Feb 2009

    A lecture that roams through television history and takes in the 'long tail' theory of economics, delivered from a revolving stage. Extra date added.

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  • Photo: Clay Shirky

    Clay Shirky

    4 Feb 2009

    The online communities expert is back to update his thesis on mass internet collaboration in light of the 'Obama effect'.

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  • Photo: Tom Perrotta

    Giles Foden + Tom Perrotta

    5 Feb 2009

    Is The Wire really as good as Dickens? Two authors whose work has been turned into feature films discuss our new era of TV storytelling.

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  • Photo: Peter Greenaway

    Peter Greenaway on the New Visual Literacy

    9 Feb 2009

    The writer and director explains why he believes that the world of text is giving way to a new visual age.

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  • Image: Scratch 'n' Sniff Cinema

    Scratch \'n\' Sniff Cinema

    9 Feb 2009

    Grab a scratchcard and sniff your way through the rotting meat and dusty books of Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

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  • Photo: Mike Figgis

    Mike Figgis on Digital Filmmaking

    16 Feb 2009

    How does digital film change the work of the film-maker and the perspective of the audience?

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  • Still: Rollover

    The Parallax View

    16 Feb 2009

    Ace new label City of Quartz trace connections between the present economic crisis and the pervasive cultural paranoia of the early 70s.

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  • Photo: Audience

    The Audience in Fragments

    17 Feb 2009

    Looking at evidence of a new kind of theatre, one which takes advantage of the fractured sensibility of the audience and its thirst for a more active involvement.

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  • Jotta Pad

    Jotta Pad

    17 Feb 2009

    An offline community (in the ICA bar) and an online community (at collaborate on a piece of art.

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  • Photo: Sandpit

    Sandpit: Come Play with Us

    18 Feb 2009

    Form teams or play alone, trade information, listen carefully, follow clues, negotiate, betray, sneak, create, discover, explore and more!

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  • Image: With you

    WITH: Always On

    21 Feb 2009

    A whistlestop multimedia tour from the creators of Life Enhancement solutions, the collective who engineer vicarious living through a team of highly trained agents

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  • Photo: Yamato Clan

    The Cybernetic Way of War

    23 Feb 2009

    How has network-centric warfare affected the wars in Iraq, the Israel-Lebanon war and the current conflict in Gaza?

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  • Image: Total Feedback Loop

    Total Feedback Loop

    23 Feb 2009

    Honeygun Labs & Calendar Songs present a night of mixed media music to close our Feedback sessions.

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