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The Journals of Musan

6 Nov 2011

North Korean defector Seung-chul tries to live a quiet and reserved life, distributing fliers for a living and going to church. There he develops a crush on Sook-young, but cannot bring himself to talk to her as he feels he is beneath her. Kyung-chul, who lives with Seung-chul, is a broker who sends other North Korean defectors' money to their families who are still on the other side of the border, through his uncle in China. But Kyung-chul later gets conned by his uncle and he asks Seung-chul to bring him the money that's he's hidden away.

This has been a hugely successful film, winning awards all around the world and introducing a fantastic filmmaker and actor in Park Jung-bum to the world.

Dir. Park Jung-bum, South Korea 2011, 127mins, Subtitled

Cast: Park Jung-bum, Jin Yon-guk, Kang Eun-jin

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