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Glen Matlock

MickRonsonfest: Record Producer

27 Apr 2013

Legendary Sex Pistols bass player Glen Matlock discusses Mick Ronson’s work and legacy as a record producer with Tom Wilcox, Associate Curator at the ICA, followed by a performance by Matlock of a selection of songs by influential New Wave band Rich Kids. 

Mick Ronson produced the seminal New Wave album Ghosts of Princes in Towers by the Rich Kids, a band consisting of Matlock, Midge Ure, Rusty Egan and Steve New. This record was released in 1978 and was a key influence on the New Romantic scene that emerged in post-punk London. Glen Matlock will perform a selection of Rich Kids songs live at the event.

As a producer, Ronson jointly produced Lou Reed’s much loved album Transformer with David Bowie. In addition to producing his own three solo albums he also co-produced a series of records with his long-term collaborator and friend, Ian Hunter. Later production highlights include one of Morrissey’s finest solo albums, Your Arsenal, and Whomanfoursays by Dalbello.

Glen Matlock’s career began in 1975 as a songwriter and bassist with the Sex Pistols in which he was a key instigator in the start of the British Punk movement. His subsequent work includes songwriting, recording and touring with Iggy Pop, as well as a prolific solo career.

Please note that this event replaces the screening of Ronson at the Rainbow, which has unfortunately been cancelled due to an unforeseen technical problem.

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