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Oscar Tuazon Teachers\' Preview

4 Jun 2010

ICA Learning hosts regular preview evenings to coincide with the start of each exhibition. We welcome teachers and education professionals to join us and hear more about the exhibition and learning resources available. These events are also a great opportunity to meet other education professionals and speak with ICA staff to see how we could best support a group visit.

Comprised of both natural and industrial materials, Tuazon’s structures reference minimalist sensibilities, DIY aesthetics and the formal language of architecture. At the ICA, Tuazon will be making a radical, site-specific intervention in the exhibition spaces. Pushing the physical boundaries of the gallery, the structure will incorporate, penetrate and infiltrate the ICA’s lower gallery reading room and concourse.

We will be joined by ICA Curator, Charlotte Bonham-Carter, who will be giving a gallery talk. 

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