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Factory Floor with Peter Gordon (LOLO)

Part IV: Factory Floor with Peter Gordon (LOLO)

15 Sep 2012

As part of their residency at the ICA, Factory Floor are curating four live events. For their first performance, as part of the weekend on sound, they will be playing live in collaboration with New York composer and Love of Life Orchestra founder Peter Gordon with visuals by Peter Gordon's long-time collaborator Kit Fitzgerald. The performance will be followed by DJs: Planningtorock, Frances Morgan (Wire Magazine), and Tim Burgess.

Over the past two years, Factory Floor have emerged as the most potent and original live force in contemporary British music. Based in their own studio in a former sweat shop in North London, the trio of Gabe Gurnsey, Dominic Butler and Nik Colk Void construct a new form that builds on the pioneering rhythms and sonic textures of early industrial groups, the heavier end of techno, and contemporary electronica.

Peter Gordon studied with Robert Ashley and Terry Riley at the Mills College Centre for Contemporary Music, as well as working solo and with Love of Life Orchestra, with whom he released monumental recordings like the Casino 12” & the Extended Niceties EP. He has also previously collaborated with Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Arto Lindsay, The Flying Lizards, and Arthur Russell.

Michele Di Menna, Performed Rigorous Lines Framed in Cool-Toned Symmetry (2009)
a wall of light a window between time in n’ out
enhances the room
with depth and detail
kind of elaborate
giving a semblance of caressing an open space
structures for maximum comfort with strategic placement customized solutions
beauty and functionality performed rigorous lines framed by cool toned symmetry
Text by Michele Di Menna

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