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RSSF 2012: Straight Eight Programme One

18 Jul 2012

Please note: this is not the play order

Layla Sarah Kapidzic – Allodoxaphobia
Ian Waldron Mantgani – Crime Of Fashion
David Finch – Fading Light
Dan Weston – Fat Cat
Vickie Ager – Gnom-o-phobia
Mauricio Vincenzi – La Carne Vale?
Thyrone Tommy – Liar, Cheater, Whore
Louise Hooper – Lip Service
James Henry – Marceau
Nirozen Thavarajah – Meme
Matthew Parker – Piece Of Cake
Bohemia Club Collective – Speak & Spell In St Leonards
Elizabeth Lively – Strange Attraction
Mauricio Vincenzi & Oliver Crowther – TBC
Peter Hall – The Summer House
Richard Jung – Untethered
Mauricio Vincenzi – West Rise To London 2012 Glory
Michael Carstens – What A Party
Damo Cross – What You Doing?
Ben Partridge - Where’s Ruth

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