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Short films & Previews

6 Jan 2007

The best short films from recent years and two special previews of forthcoming films.

Text, Batteries & Earwax

Dirs Jonathan and Michael Reid, UK 2003, 16 mins

Hilarious drama about the unlikely friendship between Lenny and Steve, two very different D/deaf men.

Not From Where I'm Standing

Dirs Jez Toogood and Samuel Dore, UK 2004, 4 mins

An interpreter provides a voice over for a short film with a Deaf man but things soon take an embarrassing turn as the interpreter finds himself out of his depth.

Evening Sea

Dir Peter Morrissey, UK 2006, 5 mins

A man becomes a hero by finding courage to accept his wife's illness from cancer and has to overcome his final obstacle by spending their last romantic evening together on a beach.


Dir Rita Mazza, Italy 2006, 10 mins

A strange movie with songs in Italian Sign Language and a ghost who explains what Halloween means.

The Magic Mile

Dir Toby Meakins, UK 2001, 6 mins

When a deaf girl chances on an abandoned wheelchair, she discovers the incredible secret of "the magic ". Finding herself in a strange and unfamiliar world, she picks up the trail of the wheelchair's owner, who reveals that even miracles have their limits.


Dir Rita Mazza, Italy 2005, 9 mins

The story of a Deaf person who dreams that she's hearing.

The Interview

Dave Ellington, UK 2005, 90 seconds

A Deaf interviewee reflects on the tragic comedy of his situation.

Coming Out

A new cult film produced by two Deaf filmmakers. Followed by Q&A


BBC See Hear, Dir Louis Neethling, UK 2006, 60 mins

The latest new drama from the BBC, an hour-long special.

Followed by Q&A with Terry Riley, See Hear Editor and Louis Neethling, Director

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