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Taxi Zum Klo, Dir Frank Ripploh, 1981

Taxi Zum Klo – Restored Version

8 May 201119 May 2011

★★★★ 'A daring, acid black comedy' Guardian

The remastered and uncut version of Frank Ripploh’s cruising classic, a film that screened at the ICA during its original release in the early 1980s. The director himself plays a teacher who, stressed out by life with a jealous lover, embarks on a series of sexual assignations in public lavatories (the title in English is, straightforwardly, ‘Taxi to the Toilet’). Sexually explicit, but also very touching and humorous, this is a time-capsule classic that looks at homosexual attitudes and behaviour before the spread of AIDS.

Released by Peccadillo

Dir Frank Ripploh, Germany 1981, 90 mins, subtitles, 18, digital print

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