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Workingman's Death

18 Dec 200627 Dec 2006

Is heavy manual labor disappearing or is it just becoming invisible? Where can we still find it in the 21st century? This monumental, visually striking documentary maps the world of work by taking us to five points on the globe - the illegal coalmines of the Donetsk valley in the Ukraine, a mountainside sulphur mine in Indonesia, a blood-drenched slaughterhouse in Nigeria, a shipbreaking yard in Pakistan and the steelworks of Angang in China - where human beings toil relentlessly in brutal conditions.

With music by avant-garde jazz master John Zorn, this is a forceful film filled with sights that stay with you long after they've faded from the screen.

Please note that the film contains extreme and extended scenes of animal slaughter that some may find distressing.

Dir Michael Glawogger, Austria 2005, 122 mins, subtitles

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